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For 45 years in Germany and from 2007 in Romania, we dedicate ourselves to improving people’s lives by providing them, together with our partners from the best dentistry clinics, top implantology services and the most advantageous solutions to replace teeth.

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Only SKY fast & fixedtreatment from bredent is the original solution that brings you all the benefits.

Recommended by specialists

Dr. Raluca Roşca

As a specialist maxillo-facial surgeon, I use the SKY fast and fixed™ system from 2011, with very good results. Due to this treatment, we managed to provide patients with a fixed post implantar prosthetic restoration, both in standard cases, with sufficient bone mass and in cases with bone resorptions requiring bone augmentation, before or during the same session with the insertion of implants.

Dr. Sebastian Fătu

I chose SKY fast & fixed™ because I want the best for my patients and I am proud to be able to offer them with the help of this safety treatment to smile again.

What does it mean to run out of teeth? You can’t eat well, you can’t smile, you can’t pronounce the words correctly… In other words, an ordeal! The SKY fast & fixed™ system allows me in an extremely short time to fix these problems and give my patient fixed teeth.

Dr. Nicolae Iuga

3 Important reasons why I recommend to patients total rehabilitation on implantar support, through SKY fast & fixed™technology:

1. We can mount fixed provisional teeth in just 24 hours!
2. Intervention is minimally invasive because we can avoid additions of bone!
3. Use the “one abutment, one time” concept by which we protect the tissues around the implant!

Dr. Ionuț Leahu

SKY fast & fixed™ is a technique addressed to patients who have lost all their teeth or have unrecoverable teeth. What is completely revolutionary about this technique is that in a single surgery we do the extraction, repair the bone, put the implants and take the impressions so that the patient receives fixed provisional work within 24 hours, with which he can smile, eat and have a normal life.

Andrei smiles, eats, talks. Carefree.


It is so easy to get used to enjoying life… and life gave Mr. Andrei reasons for it – it can happen to anyone. But at the same time, we are given the ways to rediscover the joy of each moment. And it’s so easy to learn to smile again, to fully taste life again…

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